About Lindsay

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My philosophy:   I believe that a confident, happy, and healthy mother (and partner) is of the greatest benefit to the child.  Not only is a baby born, but the woman is born into her role as Mama and she knows best how to nurture her child.  Birth is challenging for a reason. Throughout childbirth the mother, baby, and family learn to trust, love, and support each other.  Birth can teach us to be patient, strong, brave, tender, and open among many other qualities that are essential to parenting.  Parenthood is an important job, and birth gives us the necessary foundation.

I believe that birth is a perfectly designed natural process that has invaluable physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. Birth is designed to prepare the baby’s body, heart, mind, and spirit for life outside the womb.  A healthy start will give the baby long-term holistic health benefits.   

How I work:  Every family is different.  It is my job to offer physical, emotional, and informational support within the parameters that are helpful for you. I balance informed, objective support with privacy and space for the intimacy of birth. I encouraging you to own as much of your experience as possible.  I pull from mindfulness and movement training in my labor support. I love teaming up with your partner, friend, family and/or care provider.  Each person is there for you and offers something uniquely important to your birth experience.

Sometimes birth is an unmedicated, physiological experience, and sometimes we use help from modern medicine tools. My goal is to help you have the birth that is best for you and your baby.  Either way, it will be an enormous challenge, and that is part of what is so fun and valuable about birth.  

My doula experience:   I am a certified doula through Sacred Birth Angels Foundation (for home and birth center birth), and completed the Doulas of North America (DONA) certification (emphasizing hospital birth).  I began attending home births in 2012 as a volunteer with Sacred Birth Place.  I have since started my private practice and now work in home and hospital birth settings throughout the Bay Area. I have led parenting groups and women’s circles that connect and balance our sense of self with our practice of parenting.

My background:  I grew up in Maine splashing in the ocean and running around in the woods. I have a BA in dance from Goucher College and enjoyed performing, choreographing, teaching, and curating for years. I gave birth to my daughter in 2012, the greatest day of my life. When I’m not supporting births, I enjoy painting, riding bikes with my kid, and exploring the Bay Area. I live in Alameda with my husband, kiddo, and cat. I love the Bay Area and the people who live here.  It is my duty and privilege to help Bay Area moms give birth to their tiny, sweet, squishy babies.

I serve anyone who wants to birth with love. I am happy for you, and I look forward to being your doula!