Doula services

“Being born without trauma is a foundation for having an intact capacity to love and trust”- Robin Lim


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Complimentary Consultation:
 During a consultation, we get to know each other, discuss your personal childbirth goals, and talk about how I can support you.

2-3 Prenatal visits include:

  • Build your birth plan
  • Process labor and parenting hopes and fears, etc.
  • Talk through labor and breastfeeding physiology
  • Articulate questions for your care provider
  • Plan for informed consent before, during, and after birth
  • Help you get ready for baby’s arrival

Continuous labor support:

Physical support:

  • Pain management
  • Help you stay productive in your labor
  • Help you pace your efforts

Emotional support:

  • Hold space, ground you
  • Reassurance
  • Help you identify, process, and overcome your fears

Informational support:

  • Ensure you have the necessary information, time, and space to make your own decisions
  • Help you process and understand your options
  • Facilitate effective communication between you and your care provider

Partner support:

  • Enhance your connection with each other (not replace your partner in any way)
  • Empower your partner with information, reassurance, guidance, and attention

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1 Postpartum visit includes:

  • Processing through your childbirth experience
  • Basic breastfeeding support
  • Non-medical mama and newborn care support
  • Troubleshooting for any parenting bumps along the road
  • Light cooking and cleaning
  • And, cooing at your baby, of course!

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Benefits of doula support

The word doula is the Greek word for, “one who serves.” A doula provides professional, caring, and objective childbirth support catering to the mother’s specific needs and goals. The benefits of having a doula are well researched and compelling.  The following shows favorable outcomes for women supported by a doula in comparison to women not supported by a doula:

During Labor:

  • Better obstetrical outcomes (fewer cesarean, forceps, and vacuum extractions) **
  • More vaginal deliveries**
  • Less need for pain medication**
  • Shorter labor time**
  • Shorter infant hospital stay*

(** highly significant finding, *significant finding)

Kennel, J.H., Klaus, M., McGrath, S.K. et al. Continuous emotional support during labor in a U.S. hospital. JAMA, 265:2197-2201, 1991

After labor:

  • Better breastfeeding success **
  • Better confidence and mothering self-esteem**
  • Better maternal response to baby**
  • Less maternal anxiety**
  • Better relationship with partner**
  • Better maternal perception of baby (baby is easy to manage, beautiful, clever, special, etc.)**
  • Healthier infant (less sneezing, runny nose, vomiting and better appetite)**

(**highly significant finding)

Wolman, W.L. Social support during childbirth, psychological and physiological outcomes. Master’s thesis, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1991

Klause, M. H., Kennel, J.H., Klaus, P. H., 1993, The Doula Book, Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press

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