Placenta Services

“I just had my first child and used Lindsay’s services to encapsulate my placenta. It was probably the best thing I could have done for a speedy and happy recovery from my birth!   The capsules really helped my attitude and kept my spirits high.”

-Emily, mama

The placenta is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and hormones that support your postpartum wellbeing.  

Placenta Capsules:  I prepare capsules by steaming the placenta, dehydrating, then encapsulating the powder using vegan capsules.  All processes are done according to safe food handling practices. Capsules can be taken as a postpartum supplement to promote healing, hormonal balance, lactation, and energy.  $300

Placenta Tincture:  Alcohol is infused with a piece of the raw placenta to make a tincture that will last long-term. Women use the tincture beyond postpartum to promote hormonal balance and health during menses, menopause, and times of stress or transition. Unlike the capsules, the tincture is not intended for continuous use, but rather it is intended for use on an as-needed-basis.  $25 with capsules 

Placenta Prints: The placenta has a beautiful “tree of life” pattern which is pressed and printed onto paper as an artistic keepsake. $25 with capsules

Keepsake Cord: Baby’s umbilical cord is dried as a keepsake ornament. Free with capsules

I offer free pick-up and delivery to east bay locations.  There is a $25 travel fee for San Francisco, Peninsula, North Bay, and Antioch locations.

Contact me to arrange for encapsulation

Please note: Placenta encapsulation has not been evaluated by the US FDA.  Placenta encapsulation is not a service that can make medical treatment claims. Services provided are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Families who choose to utilize this service take full responsibility of their own health and for researching the use of the services provided. 


Will my care provider or hospital let me keep my placenta?  Yes, unless your care provider is concerned about infection or another unlikely situation that would warrant an evaluation by a pathologist. Check with your care provider and birthing facility to learn their specific policies.  Most hospitals will require that you sign a release form before removing the placenta from the hospital.

How do I care for my placenta after birth?  Within 3-4 hours of birth, your placenta needs to be refrigerated or kept on ice.  Bring your own cooler with you. The hospital will have ice for your cooler.  The placenta will keep chilled for 4 days.

Will my placenta capsules make me feel jittery?  Sometimes women feel jittery after taking their placenta capsules.  If this happens, just take fewer capsules. Listening to your body will help you find the right amount to take.

How soon will I get my capsules?  I aim to begin the process of encapsulation within 24 hours of birth. The process of creating the capsules takes about 2-3 days.

Do you recommend encapsulation?  The decision to encapsulate is entirely up to you.  I encourage you to do your own research and speak with women who have encapsulated before.  I leave all viability decisions up to you and your care provider. If you decide to encapsulate, I’d be happy to provide the service for you.

How do I get my placenta to you?  If you are within my travel range (Richmond, Walnut Creek, Dublin, Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley, Union City, San Leandro, Alameda) I offer free pick up and drop off service.  I charge a $25 travel fee for locations beyond my travel range (San Francisco, Peninsula, Livermore, San Ramon, Concord, Marin and beyond).

It sounds weird.  Is consuming placenta common?  Yes! Women around the world have been consuming placenta for centuries.  As women in the western world learn more about postpartum challenges, they are opting to support themselves by encapsulating their placentas.  Placenta capsules continue to gain popularity as they prove to be helpful to many women postpartum and beyond. It is not weird! It is a very practical and healthy way to help you heal and thrive.