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“During labor, Lindsay was ever present but never obtrusive; always there to lend support, provide an encouraging word, and gently nudge us in the right direction when we needed guidance. She truly enhanced the birth experience for both of us in both labor and active childbirth.

I honestly can’t think of one way Lindsay could have been more effective. She was as effective at facilitating the birth of our daughter as we possibly could have hoped for, and more. She made the super intense moments seem more manageable. We felt like we were in the best of hands at all times. Lindsay prepared us for the intensity of labor and childbirth. She did not sugarcoat it. She didn’t scare us, but she was very direct about how intense the experience was going to be. With this knowledge in mind, we were able to devote adequate time to preparing ourselves emotionally for the experience. And it was heavy but in the most awe-inspiring and wonderful way.

In our postpartum visit, we welcomed her back into our home as we would a family member. After the experience that we shared with her, she honestly felt like a part of our family. We feel truly blessed that we had the birth experience that we wanted to have, especially because we know how rare that can be. Lindsay provided us with a template and toolset to navigate a natural, unmedicated childbirth, and these elements–plus a healthy dose of good karma–laid the foundation for our success.”

-Jesse, dada

“The short of it: you should hire Lindsay.

The longer of it: I could not be happier that I went with Lindsay as my doula. She was exactly who my husband and I needed. She provided us in two hours with as much information about the labor process as we received in a 6-week birth course. During the labor, she was calm and reassuring. She provided the space for my husband to be my main support while still being involved in key ways. I am convinced that my labor would have been longer had Lindsay not coached me on breathing into my contractions and on pushing as hard as I could at the end. I had a very successful natural birth, and Lindsay helped me get there. I am recommending her to all my pregnant friends, and I recommend her to you!”  

-Rachel, mama

“Hiring Lindsay to support us during the birth of our son was the best decision we could have made. She was an essential part of our experience and I knew I wanted her in the delivery room the moment I met her. Throughout the entire process (all 41 hours of labor), Lindsay was a grounding, knowledgeable, and calm resource to us. My labor and delivery did not go as I had planned but with Lindsay’s support, I felt incredibly empowered, strong, and proud of everything I experienced and accomplished. I am so grateful to her.

As others have mentioned, she gives you and your partner space to become parents and/or welcome your new child together but she is also ready to provide critical support, guidance, and feedback. She was a great advocate for us as well — helping us interpret what our medical care team was up to and determine our course of action ourselves. I can imagine our labor and delivery experience going in all sorts of different directions, and I credit Lindsay’s guidance and support for helping me ultimately have the experience I wanted.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay and would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

-Sara Beth, mama

“Lindsay is an amazing Doula and we are so glad we found her! I began my search for a Doula because I was extremely fearful of giving birth and I knew that I needed a compassionate, knowledgeable professional to partner with me. Lindsay was the clear choice from our first meeting. She helped us identify realistic goals for our birth experience, helped me identify the roots of my fears around birth, provided education on the birth process and was always available when I had questions. Over the course of our three prenatal visits, I was completely transformed. When I first met Lindsay my anxiety about giving birth could easily bring me to tears and by the time I went into labor I can honestly say I was as prepared as I possibly could have been. I felt confident and ready to lovingly accept whatever was to come.

As it turned out, I had a somewhat complicated, in-hospital birth. My daughter’s heart rate was dipping during contractions from the onset of labor and the stronger my contractions got, the worse she seemed to be doing. After hours of labor and a series of unsuccessful interventions, the doctor recommended a c-section. Lindsay was there for us every step of the way, making sure we understood what was happening and what our options were. It was a scary experience but it was much easier to handle due to Lindsay’s presence and support. Because she was there and we had talked through the various scenarios that might arise in our prenatal visits, I was able to stay calm. We went ahead with the c-section and as it turned out, the cord was wrapped around my daughter’s neck multiple times and this is what had been causing her distress.

On paper, my birth story may sound less than ideal, but truthfully, I got everything I wanted out of my experience. I wanted my daughter to be healthy and safe. I wanted my husband to be actively engaged in the process.  I wanted to feel prepared, confident, respected, and empowered. Lindsay helped us achieve all of this.”

-Diondra, mama

“Lindsay was a wonderful support person to have at our birth. From the beginning, she took lots of time during our pregnancy to listen to our hopes for labor, and provide the support that we needed to make our pregnancy and delivery experiences right for us. Towards the end of our pregnancy, it seems like we might have to change our birth plan for medical reasons – Lindsay came to meet with us an extra time to talk through our options and was very helpful and reassuring in supporting us to have the experience we wanted despite some unexpected turns. We felt very confident going into the labor knowing that she would be there with us.

During labor, Lindsay provided calm and guidance and helped us work together as a team. She had the perfect balance between giving us space as a couple to have our own experience and work as a team with knowing when to step in with additional guidance and emotional support during particularly difficult moments. She made me feel safe, and even though the experience was really challenging, she made me feel confident that I could stick with our plan of having a natural birth. She made my husband feel empowered and an important part of the birth process.

Lindsay also worked very well with the hospital staff. They all said afterward that she was a really great doula. We would highly recommend Lindsay for anyone looking for labor support.  She has a calm, wise, and focused presence that we found invaluable during labor. We know we’ll be asking her to attend our next one!!”

-Naomi, mama

“I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for the tremendous gift you gave me and my family in your support over these many months of pregnancy and during baby X’s birth. I’m certain I would have been far less willing to give my birth plan a try had I not hooked up with you when I did during my pregnancy.  I definitely would have checked out/gone crazy towards the very end of labor if you weren’t there keeping eye contact with me, allowing me to dig my claws into your sides, and all the many other things you quietly did that I didn’t consciously notice. The attention you gave me afterward was total indulgent bliss. I know you’ll say that I did all the work, and I appreciate that, but again: I couldn’t have done it the way that I did without you.

Jason, too, has been going on about how awesome you were. Your encouragement of/respect for his role made a noticeable difference in our attitude towards each other, the pregnancy, the birth, and how well he worked with me during the birth.”

-Eleni, mama

“Lindsay was a tremendous help during my natural in-hospital labor experience. I do not know what I would have done without her.  I have always wanted to have natural unmedicated birth. After talking to several doulas in the area, I decided to go with Lindsay for her approach to labor and birth. We had two very helpful and informative prenatal meetings with Lindsay; she covered lots of facts on labor and postpartum recovery, assisted me in the creation of a birth plan, gave lots of tips, and most importantly reassured us that everything would be fine.

Of course, the time when Lindsay shined the most was the labor itself. Her presence was very calming and reassuring. Lindsay helped me through contractions, suggested breathing techniques and comfort measures to ease the pain. She gave space for my husband to participate and help me as well, which was very nice. Lindsay also made sure both my husband and I were hydrated, fed and to certain degree relaxed.

When we went to the Washington hospital, I was already in active labor and contractions were coming very close together. Lindsay created comfortable and welcoming atmosphere by playing ocean sounds and by dimming lights in the hospital room. Very soon my water broke and I moved to transition – the most intense part of my labor. My husband was doing hip squeezes while Lindsay was holding my hands, looking in my eyes, breathing and moaning with me. I would not be able to go through transition without her support.

Through the pushing stage Lindsay suggested positions, and she also was encouraging me while I was pushing. Even though I had a whole hospital L&D team in the room, I was listening only to Lindsay. She explained what I needed to do, how to push and breathe correctly. After several contractions and intense pushes my baby boy was born and I could not have been happier.

Almost everything went according to my birth plan. We met once postpartum to discuss my labor experience and all funny moments we had (yes, there were quite a few!).

I would highly recommend Lindsay to everybody who is determined to give birth naturally. Lindsay is the person you want to have on your birth team: she is a very confident, calm, knowledgeable and caring person. I will definitely hire her again, once we are ready for the second baby!”

-Marianna, mama

“I don’t remember much about labor except that it hurt like hell and Lindsay was the only person who could assure me that I wasn’t in fact dying. She’s gentle without being drippy, knowledgeable without being didactic. She’s like your cool friend who knows the right thing to say and somehow doesn’t mind the sight of blood (and all other manner of horrifying bodily fluids). I trusted her immediately and fully. Right after my daughter was born, I fixated on whether I was nursing her correctly, asking whoever was within earshot, “Am I doing it right?” Lindsay very gently told me not to worry, just to enjoy the time with her. After nine hours of labor, in which doctors and nurses choreographed every last minute, it was exactly what I needed to hear.”


“Lindsay is a God-send.  I had a home birth (also thanks to her encouragement!) in May, and she was my doula.  My labor came one fast and hard. My husband was filling the tub while my mother was making the bed, and I was stuck on all fours in the baby room with back labor.  I was terrified and didn’t think I was going to make it through this; I’d definitely need to go to the hospital. I called Lindsay, and she came over very quickly. As soon as she entered the room, everything got better.  Lindsay jumped in without missing a beat, telling me in a calming voice that the things that were happening to me were all okay and coaching me through deep breathing techniques with each surge. She helped put me in the tub even though I was resistant to move, and suddenly my labor was more manageable.  She also communicated with my midwife, ensuring she got there on time as things were moving along very quickly.

Lindsay made me feel safe throughout the entire process.  Her voice was calming and she knew exactly what to say at the exact right time.  She made sure I was hydrated and comfortable. She placed her hands just where I needed them right when I needed them there.  She knew when to step in and when to step back. Above all else, she emitted a calming vibe that helped everyone stay cool, calm, and collected, even a basket case like me.  

She empowered me to birth my first born at home, with the labor I wanted (and deserved), and supported me the entire way, through pregnancy and beyond.  Before she left after my birth, I asked her if I could keep her forever and ever. I really couldn’t have done any of this without her, and will be thankful for her presence in my life for many years to come.

Needless to say, if you are looking for the most loving and educated doula on the block, Lindsay is your gal.”

-Sarah, mama

“My husband and I were so thankful to have had Lindsay with us at our birth.  I wanted to have a natural birth, and would not have been able to follow through with my goal without her help.  We attended Bradley Method classes, which gave us some preparation for the birth. Even with the classes, I felt that having a Doula present significantly helped us stick to our birth plan.  During our meetings, Lindsay provided me with more information about the birthing process and what to expect which made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. It was nice to review and discuss specific issues in detail.  Whatever the issues were, Lindsay was able to provide me with good information and reading materials. She was very knowledgeable and resourceful. During our first conversation, Lindsay asked me questions that helped me discover some of my concerns that may interfere with the birth.  I did not realize how much these concerns affected me until our conversation.

It was a very long labor with some obstacles. Lindsay gave my husband and me the space and privacy that we needed at the appropriate moments but was always there by our side.  My active labor at the hospital was very long. Lindsay was there with me with kind support and did not let me give up. There were moments where I thought that I could no longer continue, that the baby would never come out naturally, and no one, not even the midwives could give me a reason why.  The Midwives kept popping their heads into the room with no other suggestions to help me except to get an Epidural. Lindsay gave me hope. She suggested different positions to reset the little guy. She talked me through every painful contraction and did not falter even though we were both exhausted.  We tried different positions to move the baby around until he was on the right path. When we did that the labor finally progressed.

I really liked the Rose water and yoga mat.  They were thoughtful details and gave positive energy that renewed my spirit during the hardest times.  Lindsay was very attentive to details. She has a calm and loving demeanor that really helped me focus. We were absolutely blessed to have her there with us during the delivery.”  

-Iris, mama

“We are not ‘doula people.’ But we were first time parents, and although I had to ask a friend what the purpose of a doula was and winced at the price tag, we felt it might be a good safety blanket.

We interviewed two excellent doulas and ended up going with Lindsay due to our friend’s recommendation and the fact that we felt like we could relate to her better due to her straightforward demeanor and since she’s close to us in age.

Lindsay provides two prenatal visits and one postpartum visit in addition to the birth support. She also gives you a hefty packet of info on pregnancy and postpartum stuff- some of which is medically accurate, but serves more as a good starting point to talk with your ob or midwife (and she’s clear about that).

Lindsay has a great demeanor: kind, helpful, smart, and strong. She has this amazing ability of being there for you during labor/delivery without being intrusive; giving you and your partner the space to do your own thing while providing support. When we needed her to step in, she was there 100%!!! In fact, it was during a difficult labor that Lindsay’s experience, skill, and bedside manner really shone – she really wowed us and physically invested herself in making labor work. We had a long labor and she was prepared to be there, totally present and actively supporting us for the whole thing!!

I can honestly say that the price is worth it, in fact I almost feel we underpaid!! Go with Lindsay, you won’t be disappointed!”


“Lindsay was great! She was the perfect mix of being professional and remaining personal throughout the entire experience. She was good at reading our cues and figuring out where on the spectrum we needed her. Lindsay was very flexible with when and where she met with us, answered all of our questions, and helped ease some of our concerns.  

During the birth Lindsay really helped us understand the different procedures that were taking place. She also helped explain any questions that we had and helped me feel more confident about talking to the hospital staff.  After the birth she was very sweet and offered to do laundry and dishes. We also went over the hospital experience and talked through what went ‘as planned’ and what happened that was different from our planned experience.

Thank you for everything you were AMAZING and honestly made such a beautiful experience possible. You kept us motivated and stuck with us through the entire experience. It is a day that we will never forget and thanks to you it was a much better experience.”  

-Samantha, mama

“Lindsay was great; calm and attentive, and had lots of endurance to give contraction by contraction support during a long labor.”


“The two sessions we had with Lindsay prior to birth were very helpful in preparing us for what to expect. We were extremely satisfied with everything Lindsay did for us during the birth, too. We both felt really well taken care of during the birth. She made sure we were hydrated and fed and paid attention to even the finest details like setting the mood in the delivery room with dim lights, a sound machine, and aromatherapy. The photos she took were an added and unexpected bonus, and we often look at them to reflect on what a great experience we had. I honestly glow when I talk about the experience to others.

On our second meeting with Lindsay, she went through the stages of labor and, in general, what to expect. Even the booklet she gave us detailed that part, and what it might feel like. That really helped normalize everything for me, so I knew I was progressing and reassured everything was ok. It was really cool to look back at what I was feeling at the time and associate that with the stages of labor. I also felt really prepared to just surrender. I trusted my birth team and baby and had worked really hard on mentally and physically preparing for the experience.”

-Kristen, mama

“We were so happy to work with Lindsay and get her support even though I ended up having a c-section.  Her insight and support during the External Cephalic Version procedure and all the various things I tried to turn our breech baby was invaluable, as well as her support in preparing for the c-section.  She prepared us for all aspects of birth and helped us make it an amazing experience, even though it was not as we had planned or thought it would be. She was also a great help with breastfeeding support and resources.  She is very professional and very easy to get to know and feel comfortable with.”

-Olivia, mama

“Lindsay was great; a nice balance of knowledgeable and professional with personable and friendliness.  She was a great match for me and my family. She included my daughter in the process and was very open to what we had to say.  Her demeanor is calm and relaxing but at the same time assertive in a confident kind of way, which was just what I needed. I trusted her implicitly with the birthing process. When she came to debrief after the birth it was really nice to hear her perspective of the experience and my birth process. I would definitely use Lindsay again.”

-Lisa, mama

“I gave birth in May 2013 with Lindsay as our doula. To this day I can still hear her walking me through my contractions while I squeezed the life out of her hands.

From the moment I met Lindsay I knew I wanted her to attend my daughter’s birth. Lindsay is the most patient, loving, and understanding person I have ever met and it is no wonder at all she has chosen this profession.

Before and after my daughter’s birth Lindsay was there for us, no matter what we needed. She went completely above and beyond anything I ever expected to have in a birth doula. She was prompt to every meeting, clear and thorough in everything she taught me, patient when I needed it most, and understanding when I was a total crazy person.

During my labor, Lindsay talked me through every contraction. To imagine it like a big wave and dive under. For me, the contractions were inexplicably painful. No one could have prepared me for what I went through. Every contraction got worse and sometimes there was no rest time in between. Lindsay made sure I kept breathing (I didn’t want to) and drinking water (didn’t want to do that either!). She knelt by my bedside all night, right there holding my hand and talking me through every contraction. I wanted to give up more than 100 times but Lindsay kept me in check mentally and physically.

Once my daughter was born Lindsay was there too. I had the hardest time nursing. So much pain, not enough milk, latching issues, etc. Lindsay was a godsend. She helped me out like no other mother could. Our follow up appointments were awesome too. She understood what I went through, she made sure I was getting enough sleep, enough to eat, making sure I showered, she cared about my well-being just as much as my husband and family.

There is no way I could have gotten through my labor without Lindsay. If I ever decide to do it all over again, she will be there (please!). There are not enough good things to say about this wonderful woman!”

-Lacy, mama

“Having your help balanced the support I needed when my birth partner needed a mini break and had to handle all the logistics and paperwork. I felt my partner and I had done everything we needed to prepare for labor, however labor reaches a point where you can’t verbally communicate all your needs.  I was lucky and had a considerably short labor, but it was still exhausting for my birth partner as well.

After my birth, I was happy to have the photos you took. I told the nursing students about my positive experience with you because they’re learning about doulas now, but I was the only first-hand account they have heard. It was surreal to have you hold Elaina when less than 24 hours after you were guiding me through bringing her into the world.

So, having you there certainly helped to balance the labor load. The saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to bring one into the world as well.”

-Monica, mama

“My second childbirth was an incredible experience for me. I was able to have Lindsay with me again. UC Davis Sutter is incredibly supportive of natural births and minimal monitoring. With that combination, giving birth was like a deep intense meditation of being in tune to the frequency of life. As the contractions come in waves and peaks then subside it is like experiencing the breath cycle. Lindsay is an incredibly grounding presence. She would encourage me to breathe deeply through each contraction and keep my body relaxed. The sounds you make during to open your body are in line with OM. You breathe deeply into the OM frequency and ride the wave of intensity and become one with it. When she would rub my back it was like I could feel each chakra point light up and stay connected to the root chakra which is very much tied to birth.  

I wish every woman could experience birth this way. It was a gift my daughter gave me. Yes, it hurts during the crowning, but it’s so brief and forgettable. I am so grateful I was able to have another wonderful birth experience with Lindsay!”

-Monica, mama

“Lindsay was helpful in every way possible.  Specifically, she kept Mika hydrated and fed, she was key in helping Mika deal with contractions and breathing and had the best extra hands.  She was comforting, caring and respectful of our wishes but great at trying out new things. Lindsay was also awesome after the baby was born. She has great tips for many new parenting obstacles, is a great listener and helped us feel sane and more normal”

-Rene and Mika, mamas

“Lindsay was an integral part of my birth story. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her. She was amazingly giving through the entire process from the moment I told her of my pregnancy through the delivery and postpartum. She is supportive, calm and thorough. She made sure to take the time so that my partner and I truly understood each process and concept of pregnancy and labor. She was non judgmental and accepting of the way I wanted my labor to go.

As soon as my labor began to really progress and we called upon her, she was at my doorstep and giving me words of wisdom and evoking a sense of calm and peace in me at a time I felt I could not go on. She accompanied us to the hospital and worked as a liaison between myself and the hospital staff. She remained professional at all times and I knew I could depend on her to get my needs met.

My labor was incredibly long and hard and I was not progressing. I wanted to do this as naturally as I could. I felt like giving up and was hitting a wall and Lindsay was there reassuring me each step of the way. As each contraction hit, I  knew as soon as I put my hand out, she would be there. And, 30 hours later she still was. It was amazing to look over and see her face as I pushed my lil one out into the world.

Thanks to Lindsay, the event was beautiful and peaceful. I am not sure it would have been that way without her presence.  She is a blessing to any mother to be!”

-Lauren, mama

“Lindsay was great at walking through all parts of the process with us and wading through options as things changed.  Her pre-labor questions and visits were thorough and gave us a good refresher (2nd child) on what to expect and ensure we had our wishes/needs clear. Throughout our CEV (Version for breech), induction and labor she was a solid support and helped with tools to manage through as well as a great ear when needed.  She helped support me in resetting my expectations (my “dream” labor was to labor at home naturally, then head to the hospital when ready, not an induction which ended up being what was needed). While we would have managed without her, I know it would not have been as smooth a process and I wouldn’t have wanted to go through without her by my side. She added so much to our labor, delivery, and team.

Additionally, we used her for placenta encapsulation and prints. The prints came out lovely and will be a great keepsake for our daughter.”

-Lara, mama

“Lindsay is an amazing doula. She exudes a calm confidence that is very reassuring and helped me feel supported during my long, tough labor. She was present and engaged without being intrusive. She was calm when that is what I needed and a more aggressive coach when I needed that. She helped me dig deeper than I thought possible and bring our daughter into the world without the c-section that was looming. It was also really helpful for me to talk with her about my birth several weeks later as it helped me process my experience. My husband and I both love her.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Erin, mama

“Lindsay helped me give birth to our first child on 11/18/2015.  My husband and I liked her right when we met her. She’s very kind and informative.  She walked us through everything we needed to know for before, during, and after labor.  Her pointers on breastfeeding were just as detailed, if not more, than the class we took at Kaiser.

Our baby was stubborn and didn’t want to come out on his own so we had to induce 2 weeks, 1 day after due date.  We texted her when they were about to give me the pitocin and she met us at the hospital right away. She made sure I was hydrated and my husband was thankful for that because I didn’t feel like listening to him.  Who could say no to Lindsay? =) She was very helpful in helping me breathe through all of my contractions because you honestly forget how to do it correctly when you’re in pain. I had back labor and she saved me when she helped push on my back during contractions.  She was there every step of the way. She was even the one that had to tell the nurse that my water had broken. Soon after that, everyone was in the room and ready to help me push our baby out. Lindsay stayed by to encourage me, but gave the staff plenty of space to do their own thing.  She even helped us capture the moment with photos so my husband could stay focused on me.

After our baby was born, she was right there to make sure he could latch onto me.  She stayed with us until we got situated in our room and followed up with us at our home a week later.  She was super sweet and helpful throughout the entire process. I found her through my cousin and she is actually helping my other cousin give birth this month.  She’s definitely my family’s choice when trying to have a natural birth.”

-May, mama